Friday, February 20, 2009
Strangely enough, as I was trying to think about what to write I became consumed by one thought - is Dom DeLuise still alive? I had to find out. A quick jaunt to IMDB confirmed the fatso is still kicking, and in a ironic twist (not proper irony, but an Alanis ironic-but-not-really sorta way), his next role is a cameo is in a flick called Horrorween. Karma, man.

A click or two, and I got some dirt on this "Horrorween" business, and it's not pretty. I'd post the link to their homepage but since i don't think they've changed the name of the film to "This Account Has Been Suspended" I'll let the IMDB link suffice.

Horrorweeen is a 3D comedy/horror directed by and starring Joe "Martin Sheen's Brother" Estevez (does any movie really "star" Joe Estevez?), known for his stellar work in the MST3K classics Soultaker and Warrwilf. Scrolling down, I found possibly one of the most intriguing ensemble casts assembled on film - besides Deluise, Jenna Jameson, William Shatner, Tom Savini, Alice Cooper, Donald Trump, Flavor Flav, and George Clinton all star. The cast is intriguing because they're all listed as either playing themselves or as cameos, making me wonder if they're willingly in this movie, or if good ol' Joe just stalked them with a camera Bowfinger style. Either way, the prospect of seeing Dom Deluise's giant ass or Flavor Flav's Gollum-esque features on a big screen IN 3D NO LESS could make for a more frightening time than My Bloody Valentine.

If I didn't love you all, you bet your ass I'd screen this at our next horror fest. Followed by a Q&A with Estevez, Flav, and Dom's ass.

Anyways, onto good movies. Our friends at Metro Cinema are treating us to a "Weekend of Witches", featuring screenings of Carl Theodor Dreyer's Day of Wrath and 1962's Burn, Witch, Burn! The only thing missing is Simon, King of the Witches!
Kudos to Metro from programming some really off-the-wall shit, and for still hanging in there as our only indie theatre in the city.
Once you've got your fair share of the black arts, head over to The Brixx (Starlite Room) and catch Saskatchewan's The Sinisters with Vrolox and The Yells live in concert.
For those in the local psychobilly/punk scene, Vrolox is Edmonton's newest supergroup composed of cool cats from Jukebox Shock, The Homewrekers, and Death By Dawn.


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