Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Badly Dubbed Swedes, Underfinanced Undead Fascists, and Rondo

Let the Right Words In

I’m one of those guys who hates it when they dub foreign films. The “actors” supplying voices never seem to catch the subtle nuances of the original actor’s performance – most of the time they sound like they’re dubbing a kids cartoon. But the case of the recent US DVD release of Let the Right One In, turns out the subtitles were fucked, not the dubbing. Some industrious folks at Icons of Fright who discovered that the subtitles on the US release were “dumbed down” from the international version.

Here’s an example:
Before (international)

After (US cock-up)

What the fuck?? According to The Digital Bits, fan outcry has prompted Magnet releasing to issue a new DVD version with the original, better international subtitles. Unfortunately, there are no plans as of yet to allow those who purchased the old version to exchange it for the new.

HOWEVER, for us Canadians, we’re in luck. Kevin at The Lobby has informed me that the subtitles on the Canadian DVD release are the correct international ones. Yeay Canada! And a special toast to the folks at Mongrel Media, Canadian distributors of the DVD, for not dropping the ball on this one.

Worst Case Funding Scenario

For those who attended last year’s Horror Fest at Metro, one of the highlights was a trailer for a movie that didn’t even exist. The trailer was called Worst Case Scenario, and the premise of Nazi Zombies got everyone giving the ol’ “heil” from their pants.

The trailer was more or less a demo reel for filmmaker Richard Raaphorst to try to get funding for a potential feature version.

Well, there’s some bad news. Twitch Films is reporting that the project is deader than old Adolph himself (unless his head IS actually in a jar or robot somewhere). Raaphorst and his producers were unable to secure financing, so they’ve effectively dropped the project.

The good news? THIS is what they’re doing with their spare time:

Can I get a “FUCK YEAH”?

Rue Rondo

Congrats to our fiendish friends over at Rue Morgue Magazine for snagging FOUR coveted 2009 Rondo Awards!

The Morguers won in the following categories:
Best Magazine: Rue Morgue.
Best Article: "Coffin Joe Resurrected,'' by Scott Gabbey and Jovanka Vuckovic
Best Magazine Cover: Issue #83, a portrait of Forrest Ackerman by longtime Famous Monsters artist Basil Gogos
Best Horror Audio Site: Rue Morgue Radio

Also, Joe Moe was voted “Monster Kid of the Year”. Who’s Joe Moe? Joe’s the fan turned caretaker to the legendary, late Forrest J. Ackerman. Moe spent more than ten years acting as “friend. adviser and caregiver” for Ackerman. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Joe on a couple of occasions via Facebook, and although much of the collection at the Ackermansion is getting auctioned off, I have no doubt that Joe will carry on Forrest’s legacy in style.


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