Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Voorhees Day!

Just cause it's F13:

Fuckin' campers.


My ignorance over the years has blinded me to a great local event - so let me rectify this right now:

This weekend, head down to Happy Harbour Comics and support a great cause. It's their annual 12 HOUR COMIC CHALLENGE, so whether you're a budding comic artist or a comic fan, come check out the great vibe and the cool staff. And most importantly, the artists will be raising money for the Big Brothers and Sisters of Edmonton. Each artist will attempt to raise a minimum of $50 for the cause, and sponsor The Paint Spot will donate $0.10 for every dollar raised.

The shenanigans start this Saturday, March 14 at 9:30AM at Happy Harbour's downtown location (10112 - 124 St.). The registration deadline has passed, but come out and lend your support anyways.

Most comic shops are content to gouge patrons out the ass, so it's refreshing to see a great place like Happy Harbour come out and support their community. Even if you can't make it for the 12 Hour Challenge, go check out all the great shit they have to offer. Maybe they'll even tell you if the Dr. Manhattan 12" action figure is anatomically correct. Blue dong.


As much buzz as i've heard about the (as-yet-to-be-seen-cause-i'm-a-lazy-fucker) Watchmen movie, the one I'm really psyched about this weekend is the remake of Last House on the Left. What's getting my popo excited? The original was a classic, but not exactly one of horror's hallowed grounds, so it's good fodder for a remake. Also, after reading recent interviews with the original's director (and exec producer of the remake) Wes Craven, it seems he had a big hand in the project. Add to that a European director with some indie cred under his belt - rent his first film Hardcore at The Lobby - and it seems like the kind of winning formula that made the remake of Hills Have Eyes such a kickass experience.

Gotta say, to date, 2009 has been a decent year for remakes. Not a PG-13 shitfest in the bunch. My Bloody Valentine 3D was one of the best movie experiences I've had in a long time, and Friday the 13th split horror fans right down the middle yet still racked up $50 million on its opening weekend. Hopefully Last House '09 continues the remake streak.


In case you hadn't seen it...


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